4 Tricks to Buy the Best Airline Tickets


It is not a secret that when we do our searches for tickets, hotels and cars, we want to find lower prices and offers everywhere. We know that this is not easy and even less when we are in high season, but what would you think if we told you that in Cathay Pacific we can teach you how to buy tickets at essential rates?

Here we present 4 tricks that will greatly facilitate the search process.

  • First choose the destination and monitor the price fluctuation

It is very easy to get carried away by a “promotion” or “Offer” messages but you will really know if it is a price below the average if you are clear about the regular price for that route.

We advise you to focus your search efforts on a specific destination and compare the search results on different days of the week and different times to know when and what time is best to buy. Even better to perform the search on a monthly basis, this way you will know what the minimum price is.

  • Book your tickets 2 months in advance

As we have mentioned in other articles, the cost of air tickets varies depending on the date on which you carry out your search.

In high season it is when the tickets are more expensive because many people want to travel and therefore there is a lot of demand for flights and the same offer. Therefore, it is recommended to make the purchase 1 or 2 months in advance as it is more likely that the essential flight categories are available.

  • Use our MAGIC tool: “See book the tickets options”

If you do not have much time to review the price fluctuations, rest assured that we will help you with that.

After searching for tickets on our website and accessing the results page with all the available airline options, schedules and prices. Go to “See book the tickets options” that is in the upper right with yellow letters and click on it.

We will show you a weekly table with the lowest prices available (in green). Note that you can also see prices a week before or after with just one click book the tickets now.

  • Join us on our website, social networks and subscribe to our newsletter

This is one of the best ways to stay informed. On our website we have an exclusive section of national and international offers that we constantly update showing alternatives both nationally and internationally.

As for Facebook and Twitter, we make weekly publications of the destinations that presented very good prices according to the season.

If you subscribe to our newsletter or weekly newsletter you will receive directly to your email our personal selection of offers. The most sought after and most fluctuating prices (due to high demand).

You already have the best tricks now you just need to decide to travel, you can count on us, and at Cathay Pacific we are here to help you at every stage of your trip.

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