Comfortably fly from Perth to Hong Kong


Perth holds the position of the 4th most populated cities in Western Australia. This place is populated with 2.06 million living beings. This is the capital of the largest city located in Australia. Perth consists of tremendously eye-catching structures. These structures include Elizabeth Bridge, Kings Park state, war Memorial, Perth mint as well as His majesty’s theatre.

The temperature and annual rainfall faced by the place

The mean maximum temperature of this place is 24.6-degree centigrade (which is equivalent to 76-degree Fahrenheit). The mean minimum temperature of this place is 12.7-degree centigrade (which is equivalent to 55-degree Fahrenheit). Perth faces 850.0 millimetres of annual rainfall.

Infrastructures found in Perth

Perth consists of large 10 hospitals and a very good transport facility. Tourists who visited this place get to the maximum transport services. Perth airport is for international, domestic and regional flights. This place even has a bus with zero-fare as well as CAT bus routes.

Hong Kong special administrative region of the People’s Republic of China

Hong Kong is considered to be a very attractive place. We have even seen Hong Kong be highlighted in the news due to its luxury shopping areas. It is a very glamorous city with a lot of tourist attraction. This place is visited by many Australians. You can get flights from Perth airport and fly from Perth to Hong Kong. Thousands and thousands of people come to this place. Hong Kong is even a place that is covered with mountains, forests, island, beautiful beaches traditional villages and hiking trails.

The top three places to visit in Hong Kong

As mentioned earlier there are a lot of places to visit in Hong Kong, three major tourist destinations are being discussed.

  1. Victoria peak: taking Skyline from this famous peak is one of the best things. Through this people can have a clear picture of the harbour, the island surrounding the place, skyscrapers as well as the bustling city? There are a lot of scenic beauties and viewpoints which can be visited.
  1. Big Buddha: flying from Perth to Hong Kong won’t be a memorable one if you don’t visit this big Buddha. This statue is 34 metre in height and was sculpted in 1993. This is a very popular tourist spot.
  1. Repulse Bay: if you are in love with beaches then it is your perfect place. The beaches have incredible soft sand and are worth remembering. Spend a day with your family and friends in the style of the native people

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