Jay Wright Ate At Nick’s Roast Beef In Springfield Last Night And His Order Was Atrocious




via Crossing Broad – A tipster sent these along last night– it’s Jay Wright, Josh Hart, and I believe a new Villanova graduate assistant discussing Hart’s NBA workouts – he worked out with the Sixers earlier this week and reportedly with the Celtics yesterday – at Nick’s Roast Beef in Springfield.

According to the tipster, who was there, Wright picked Hart up from the airport and “wanted to take him to get a good sandwich” en route back to Villanova…I was dismayed to learn Wright ordered cheese fries, and not gravy fries. 

First off, let me just start off by saying this. The fact that Crossing Broad is getting this tip and not me, THE GUY WHO FUCKING LIVES DOWN THE BLOCK FROM NICK’S, is troubling. This is my backyard and the fact I had to hear about Jay Wright eating at Nick’s through another website is a tough pill to swallow. A little disappointed in all of you right now. But with that being said, I’m not nearly as disappointed in you guys as I am at Jay Wright for his order last night. When you go to Nick’s, you get yourself a sandwich. I don’t care if you get it overboard or not. I don’t care if you get the combination or not. I don’t care whether it’s roast beef, roast pork or the broccoli rabe. It doesn’t matter. All that matters is that you get yourself a sandwich. And if you have the audacity to go there and not get a sandwich, the least you can do is pick up an order of gravy fries. So for Jay Wright to walk into Nick’s Roast Beef on Woodland Ave. last night and just get an order of cheese fries? Well that’s banana land. I mean, yeah, I get that Jay Wright is a pretty clean cut guy. I get that he probably doesn’t like to get messy. But you can get cheese fries anywhere else in the world. Why go to Nick’s if that’s what you’re going to go with? Just seems like a kick in the dick. Luckily we’re only month removed from Jay Wright bringing Villanova its first National Championship since 1985 because if this had happened after yet another choke job in the NCAA Tournament, then it may have been time to find a replacement for Jay. He’s in this honeymoon stage right now, however, where he can do whatever he wants. Just know that you’re on thin ice, Jay.


h/t Crossing Broad

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