Phillies #1 Overall Draft Pick Mickey Moniak Has A Sweet Name, Even Sweeter Style



So in case you were totally unaware like I’m sure the majority of America was…. the MLB held the 1st round of its draft yesterday. The MLB Draft may be the dumbest thing in all of sports. I’d say you end up only seeing about 70% of the players that are drafted and even that’s a pretty low number I feel like. The hold the draft in the middle of the season and the #1 overall pick doesn’t even make it out to the site location. It’s just bizarre. But regardless of how bizarre it is, the Phillies had the #1 overall pick and with that they took an outfielder out of Cali who goes by the name of Mickey Moniak.

Yo. I don’t care if you’ve never even seen tape on this kid. Just by that name alone, you HAVE to take Mickey Moniak if he’s still up on the board. That is a big league name that is destined for greatness. Kid could turn out to be a total bust for all I care and I’ll still go to my grave saying he was one of the best Phillies to ever live just based on name alone. And I feel like you can never go wrong with drafting a high school kid out of Cali. High school kids in Cali are cooler than any other human you’ll ever meet. It’ll be suh dudes all around once Mickey Moniak gets into the clubhouse. And just take a peek at the kid’s wardrobe.


Dude suh. Mickey Moniak is a legend already. Big name, bigger wardrobe.

P.S. – Did a little scientific experiment here and I’m pretty sure this all checks out.

Mickey Moniak

Mickey Mon

Mickey M

Mickey Man

Mickey Mantle

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