Want To Explore Evening Desert Safari With BBQ Dinner In Dubai?


When was the last time that you enjoyed a splendid evening? Finding it hard to recall? Don’t bother to rummage your mind on that event in the significant past. It is time you opted for a new experience that would add colour to your evening offering you best exhilaration. Such rewards can be attained if you opt for the eventful evening desert safari with BBQ dinner.

Why choose the evening desert safari with BBQ dinner?

With its best inclusions, the evening desert safari Dubai confirms good experience. You can opt for the rewarding features of the safari. These are:

  • Adventure Session

In the adventure session of the sunset safari, you can enjoy multiple adventures. These are:

  • Camel trekking
  • Dune bashing
  • Sand boarding
  • Quad biking

All the adventure activities can offer you great thrills. You can enjoy all of them as there are no risks involved. If you are particularly interested in any activity, you can prolong it to an entire hour. With the assistance of professional guides, you can pursue the typical desert adventures based on their simple instructions. They will even accompany you if necessary.

  • Entertainment Session

At the completion of the adventure session, you can return to the campsite where the entertainment session is planned. At the campsite, you are welcomed with complimentary drinks and starters. Then you can relax and watch the entertainment in progress. A splendid performance by the Belly dancers and Tanoura dancers are planned. Watch the brilliant performance and enjoy a special evening in the desert terrains of the global city, Dubai. Men can enjoy Shisha smoking at the camp while women can opt for Henna tattooing. The perfect elements for an eclectic evening are included in the evening desert safari with BBQ dinner.

  • Lavish barbeque dinner buffet

Follow the dictates of your gastronomy. As you have enjoyed the special inclusions of the entertainment session, your next option in line is a grand dinner. A lavish barbeque dinner buffet tastefully served from the Arabian grills is awaiting you. Freshly cooked, perfectly flavoured and served to you, you can plan a sumptuous feast in the desert terrains. After the dinner, you will want to retire after the hectic day and it is time to head for home.

Professional drivers will drop you at your hotel or destination.

Best Features of the Evening Desert Safari with BBQ dinner:

  • Evening desert Safari with BBQ dinner will offer you an exhilarating, special experience.
  • You can enjoy 3 sessions – adventure session, entertainment session and lavish dinner buffet.
  • The duration of the evening safari is 5 to 6 hours
  • The evening desert Safari with BBQ dinner is organized by highly experienced tour operators and is proven to be safe.
  • It is advisable that you book your tours at the earliest so that your tours are confirmed.

The evening desert safari is assuredly among the best adventure options in the global city, Dubai.

Enjoy your experience at the global city, with desert safari Dubai.


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