What to Do and Where to Stay in Puerto Viejo Costa Rica


Puerto Viejo de Talmanca is in the southeastern area of Costa Rica, on the coast of the Caribbean.  Many people travel to this town every year as it is famous for beaches like Playa Negra that has black sand, as well as the surf break known as Salsa Brava.  In this area is also:

  • Jaguar Rescue Center;
  • Cahuita National Park;
  • Grandoca-Manazanillo Nation Wildlife Refuge.

Where to stay

This area of Costa Rica is quite popular and there are numerous hotels in Puerto Viejo in every price range – from:

  • Top-rated hotels;
  • Budget options hotels;
  • Luxury private places to stay.

Most of these places to stay are near or on the beach, so there are plenty of opportunities to spend part of the time on these beautiful beaches.

Jaguar Rescue Center

The Jaguar Rescue Center recovers wild cats as well as other animals and is located in the Limon Province of Costa Rica.  This center is dedicated to the rehabilitation of injured, mistreated, orphaned and/or animals that are confiscated.   With a focus on sloths, monkeys and other mammals as well as birds and reptiles, the Center offers veterinary services around the clock to care for animals that would be incapable of surviving in the rainforest as well as the sea of the Caribbean.  There are places to stay at the Center.

Cahuita National Park

This National Park is a marine and terrestrial park in Costa Rica and is located on the southern Caribbean coast connected to the town of Cahuita. This National Park protects a large coral reef and has a shipwreck diving site. This coastal park also contains white sandy beaches. There is a professional naturalist tour guide that conducts tours through the park. There is pick up from all the major hotels in this area plus many hotels that are located in Cahuita right outside the national park.

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