Best Details for the Perfect Journey to Cocoa Beach

Dorothy Wherry

Are you planning your first Florida vacation and you are not sure what exactly you are looking at or how many days you should plan for it? Does a tour make sense and if so, how should it look like? We once tried to write down a few tips on what you should consider as a Florida beginner and how the trip (hopefully) will not be a failure with the experience of trips to this Sunshine State.

The Start of the Trip

In the beginning, for most people, the question is always what type of journey makes sense at all. Should you take a holiday home and make site trips to the surrounding area from there? Or maybe three, four places to sleep make sense, from where you can then look at everything?


Anyone who incorporates Orlando into their travel plans actually does so for one reason only, and that means amusement parks! Walt Disney World, Universal Studios, Sea World and numerous smaller parks line up like pearls on a chain. If you take Orlando with you in your journey you can expect it to be expensive. As good as any theme park here is now $ 100 admission and discounts are rare – and if so, they are often only applicable if you visit the parks for several days.

Contrary to the cheapest overnight rates that are there in the US

Hardly anywhere you will find so much and so good accommodation for such a good price as here. The goal is clear, who lives favorably, and who spends more money outside the accommodation. In Las Vegas, the principle is very similar, after all, people should be encouraged to gamble in the casino – and this is best, if everything around it is not so expensive.

It does not matter if you decide for one of the Disney Parks, one of Universal or one of the AnnheuserParks. Your visit should be well planned beforehand. Get involved with every single park and the attractions there. Become aware of what you or the family is most interested in. Did you find out, it goes on?

Try to internalize where in which park exactly what lies. What exactly are the main attractions, where is it worthwhile to use a FastPass? You spend a lot of time in the parks in queues in front of the attractions, so a good preparation for a visit is definitely not wrong. After all, you also want to have as much as possible of a visit.

If you want to incorporate Disney & Co. into your journey, then check out the corresponding article from me, which is all about the Orlando amusement parks. Which park is suitable for whom, what is there, etc?

The numerous outlets should not be ignored in Orlando. No matter if it’s the Vineland Premium Outlets or the International Premium Outlets at the end of the International Drives, the prices here are really good. If you want to save even more, go to the information of the respective outlet mall and worried a booklet with discount coupons, which is usually there for free.


Florida is a city where the ghosts divorce. Some love you others cannot really do anything with it. You have to confess honestly, meanwhile you belong to the second category. Florida is still worth a visit for first-time offenders. You know it from films and series. As you stroll down Ocean Drive, memories of Florida Vice inevitably reappear in our elders. You can go for the boat rental with skipper in cocoa beach there. When Crockett and Tubbs cruised through the streets of Florida and in the 1980s went on drug-hunting jackets with shoulder pads, the streets of home in cold Germany were swept away.

In the photo below you can see the cocoa beach, which connects Downtown with Beach. Behind are tens of villas of the rich and beautiful, which you can – for example, as part of a tour with a speedboat also close up. The photo was taken not from a drone but from the upper deck of a cruise ship.

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