The 10 best beaches in Croatia


If it comes to beaches in Croatia, the best advice would be to go south: it is about the Dalmatian coast where the most enchanting sandy beaches, pebbly coves along with sun-fried stones should be found. Listed below are 10 of the finest beaches in Croatia.

Desert island getaways do not come much better than on Susak, a small Croatian island composed nearly entirely of sand and also among the greatest beaches in Croatia. It is a ferry ride away from Mali Lošinj, which is itself quite a distance in the mainland – the time needed to get here just adds to Susak’s connoisseur allure.

The island’s most important beach, Spiaza, is a royal moon-grey crescent extending from Susak village. The bay is quite shallow – you want to wade for nearly half a kilometre to locate ocean deep enough to float in.

If your idea of a shore is a long strip of sand which stretches away towards the horizon, and then you truly will need to create paths for Nin.

Do not be astonished at the sight of fellow bathers smearing themselves into sludge: the reedy place behind Kraljičina plaža is abundant in peloid mud, a powerful natural remedy for sore joints and muscles.

For a lot of its inhabitants Split isn’t too much a town as a faith, centred around an assortment of semi-mystic places. One of the holiest of holies is unquestionably Bačvice shore, a shallow bay of sand and shingle that’s played a significant part at the early childhood and adolescent years of nearly anyone who’s ever called the town home.

Bačvice is also known because of its spiritual home of picigin, a distinctively Dalmatian game that entails a great deal of acrobatic jump around as gamers attempt to stop a tiny ball from hitting the sport.

Four kilometres east of Postira around Brač, Lovrečina Bay is just one of many beaches around the island which truly provide everything you read about at the brochures, using a sandy coast bordering translucent waters, and a ruined medieval church among olive groves just supporting the strand.

The simple fact that there’s limited parking without a obvious bus stop nearby aids the shore from getting overrun. Apropos rent flats out in Postira, while Villa Adriatica up the shore in Supetar is among the island’s most cosier resorts.

The Renaissance interface of Hvar enjoys a global reputation in regards to chic bars and racy nightlife. If a fantastic beach is what you are after, but it is ideal to escape town. There are many very good options from the coves and bays to the east, where the most alluring is Uvala Dubovica, a wide pebbly affair with an historical manor house.

The bay’s shallow character makes it great family paddling territory, though it becomes popular with yachts and motorboats in season. Otherwise, issue of access will filter out the guests — that the parking strip on the primary street over the bay is just large enough to accommodate approximately fifty cars. Rent a bicycle or scooter out of Luka Rent from Hvar and beach-hop your way across the shore.

While a lot of Hvar’s beaches include perching on a stone before stepping gingerly out on a stony seabed, the silkily sandy Grebišće is completely ideal for smooth gliding around. Situated 4km west of Jelsa off the Sućuraj street, the shore is reached by walking throughout the Grebišće campsite.

The beach itself is quite narrow and contains hardly any colour, but the bay is equally quite shallow and sandy underfoot — that is the reason why it’s such a favorite place for splashing around. Drinks and snacks that are basic can be found in the campsite café or the Čorni Petar shore bar, nestling under trees around the headland to the east.

The pebbly peninsula remains a persuasive destination regardless of the audiences; really its apparent shallow waters and gripping marine perspectives make it a challenging place to leave. It is also within walking distance of Bol, in which more Traveling or Adria will sort you out with lodging.

Proizd, close Korčula Island

Inspired by cab boat from neighboring Vela Luka, the islet of Proizd appears at first sight for a fairly typical Adriatic hump of pine trees and maquis. In reality it is among the most alluring beachfront and skinny-dipping destinations in all of Croatia, with a trio of magnificent’shores’ composed of sloping stone slabs shelving steeply into a transparent sea.

The interface of Vela Luka is the apparent foundation for lodging: get hold of the ever-dependable Mediterano service for rooms and flats.

At times it is not merely the shore that matters, it is also about the trip there and back. Getting to Šunj Bay on the island of Lopud entails a beautiful fifty-minute crossing the passenger-only Dubrovnik-Šipan ferry, followed by a increase within the fundamental hump of car-free Lopud island.

When you arrive, Šunj is a graceful crescent of fine sand and shingle lined between rugged promontories. There is an casual beach bar in the rear of the shore; you will want it from the time you arrive.


On the lookout for a shore with only a hint of this post-apocalyptic? Then attempt Kupari only south of Dubrovnik, one time vacation hotel into the Yugoslav Peoples’ Army.

It is, however, home to one of the Dubrovnik area’s greatest beaches, and one of the greatest beaches in Croatia, a nice crescent of shingle with a couple of sandy bits underfoot, finish with evocative background of shell-damaged resorts. Be aware that the resorts are unprotected and possibly harmful — thus resist the desire to go investigating.


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