Is RV Camping Really Camping? Of Course, It Is

Dorothy Wherry

Trinidad Colorado is located about 6000 feet above sea level with a 360-degree mountain view. This is a beautiful place to go for a vacation as Trinidad is situated perfectly for exploring the surrounding area and the outside activities such as:

  • Hiking
  • Fishing
  • Boating
  • Camping

Tower 64 hotel as an RV park which offers well-maintained grounds with perfect spots for even the largest RV’s. Trinidad camping offers a great and beautiful place for your family to enjoy time together.

Rich in history

While camping with dogs in Trinidad, there is plenty to see as Trinidad is a historically rich old coal-mining town. Trinidad is located on the border between Colorado and New Mexico alongside what is known as the Santa Fe Trail, which is a historic route, established back in the 1820s, from St. Louis in Missouri to Santa Fe in New Mexico. Merchants and settlers used this route until the Santa Fe Railroad was built in the 1870s.

Things to do and see

The town is easily accessible and there are plenty of museums to go visit and keep you entertained. With pristine lakes, hills that are clad in green and majestic mountains with peaks that are snow covered, camping TrinidadColorado allows you a place for a wonderful vacation.

State Park

Trinidad is located along side Trinidad Lake State Park and is a must see for those who are enthusiasts of the outdoors. With your RV parked at the Tower 64 hotel their staff will help you book a Jet Ski rental. Or you can book a massage and spa treatment at the town’s local spa.


Finally, while campingTrinidad, this RV camp is only steps away from the best 9 hole golf courses in this area surrounded by views that are breathtaking with local native animals always around.

Not really camping

Now many will say that this is not really camping, so one or two nights, take the kids and sleep outside under the stars and then you can tell people that RV camping is just like real camping. But remember even in the summer, the nights in Colorado get cold so make sure your sleeping bags are warm.

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