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It is crucial to know where to start preparing for a wedding. It all starts with the engagement, most of the time 1 to 2 years before the wedding. This time is important for the couple to prepare themselves emotionally and financially for the big changes that will occur. Besides hiring the best Toronto Wedding Limo service, you can organize an engagement dinner and invite the parents to participate in the process. With all the family together it is very easy to organize a wedding. Talk about the desire to organize a wedding party and ask for moral and even financial support from the parents, if necessary. With a well-planned wedding you will save more and have the best wedding suppliers.

Make a spending spreadsheet

As the list of wedding expenses is extensive, it is essential to make an expense spreadsheet for the wedding planning to be done well. Insert all items, such as buffet, party rentals, wedding dress, decoration, limo service, etc. Probably some items will be cut or replaced. Do not be sad. It is normal and the important thing is not to be in debt.

Choose the ideal place

Generally renting ballrooms for parties can be very expensive, but there are other ways out. Basically your ceremonialist will do all the research for you, but stay tuned. Do a search for yourself as well. Do not accept anything you cannot afford. If you have a friend or family member who has a nice place available, borrow it. See also the possibility of getting married in open environments. You will have no expense with buffet rentals or lounges and you can even invest a little more in the dishes and decoration.

Previous list of guests

The number of guests needs to be previously defined, as it will influence practically all contracts that you will close from now on. Make a preliminary list with the first names that come to mind and then together with your fiancé start the cuts. The list is important, as the number of guests can increase your costs with food, drinks, sweets, souvenirs, etc. If you are planning for a mini wedding party on the next day of your civil marriage, it would be ideal to avoid not so close people.

Photography and filming

Wedding photography and filming are of utmost importance and provided by unique people. So if you like a particular photographer, you better hurry up and hire him soon. Unlike suppliers like Wedding Cake and Decoration, the photographer can only attend one event at a time. Since the expenses involved in the wedding are high, planning the party in advance is essential. With more time, the couple can bargain better and avoid price adjustments.

Band or DJ

Did you go to a friend’s wedding and the band or DJ was very excited, had an incredible repertoire and didn’t let anyone stand still? Try to hire soon, as it is more of a supplier that cannot do simultaneous events. The band, along with good food and drinks, is what makes your wedding party considered good by your guests.

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