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St. Lucia Travel Guide & Packing Tips: Everything You Need to Know

St. Lucia, which is home to roughly 165,000 people, can be explored in many different ways. Whether you are visiting for the day as part of an island-hopping tour or for the duration of your vacation, you can explore st.lucia the numerous ways you can get around the island. St. Lucia is a fantastic destination, and its many cultural offerings may surprise first-time visitors. Traveling with your driver will help ensure a safe and culturally sensitive trip, as he or she will be able to answer any questions that may arise.

Taking cabs about St. Lucia is a great way to see the island, and is especially enjoyable for those who are visiting the island as part of a cruise or other island-hopping adventure. Taxis on the island do not have metres, but if you book in advance you can have a personalised tour with a respectable company that will take you to all the places that catch your eye.

Taxis are readily available at all of the island’s major transportation hubs, including the cruise ports, UVF, SLU, and various hotels. Fees change based on variables such as the number of passengers, the location of the pickup site, and the final destination. St.lucia taxi services are plenty, but some of the best include St. Lucia Executive, St. Lucia Airport Transfers, and St. Lucia Taxi Service.

Locating Taxicabs That Are Legally Authorized to Operate

Every legitimate taxi service must use blue licence plates that start with the letters TX. Yes, it’s really that easy!

A detailed guide to scheduling an airport taxi pickup

If your Saint Lucian lodging doesn’t include a shuttle to and from the airport, you can book a cab in advance or hail one from the airport’s taxi stands.

Getting around Saint Lucia’s roads

The roadways are especially crowded with cars, trucks, cyclists, walkers, and animals of all shapes and sizes in the urban centres of Castries, Rodney Bay, Vieux Fort, and Soufriere. Upon first glance, it could appear that no driving laws exist in Saint Lucia. It is advised that you hire a local driver or take a taxi to help you get around the congested streets.

Visitor activities in St. Lucia

Some of the poorest people may approach you and ask for money or try to beg, which can be upsetting if you’re a first-time visitor, especially when you consider how many people are truly in need of financial aid.

It is advised you to check with the resort if you come across any wild animals while staying there and wonder if it would be okay to feed them. It is perfectly acceptable to feed a homeless animal if you stumble across one and have cause to believe it is not getting fed elsewhere.

Specifically, where are you hoping to locate a taxi?

Your hotel’s front desk should be able to provide you with information regarding taxi services in Saint Lucia, otherwise you can find taxi stands all across town, even outside major supermarkets. You may also find a list of taxi services and their contact details at their official page.

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