Venture Forth Into The Travel Road Not Taken: Cheryl Glavor


As the famous poet Robert Frost echoed into his verses of The Road not Taken, both the philosophical and social aspect nods along with Frost’s notion that we should all take the road into the road not taken. Well, although it is evident that he was probably hinting the journey as metaphorical pursuit into happiness, the physical journey is also as important as the journey of the mind. The modern life is fast, and productive but the platonic utopia as described in The Republic lies light years ahead, and chances are, we have already missed that train the day we stepped into the material pursuit and strayed away from spirituality.

Whether one may be a believer or not, the facts that modern life is restless and people are anything but happy in it asserts that fact. If you are still in denial, you should take a look at the rate of suicide, crime, forgery in the modern world. Travel may not solve these problems but a momentary escape from this jungle of concrete will help you to keep up the struggle and maintain your sanity.

The Journey is the destiny, not the Shrine

As the famous noble laureate poet Rabindranath Tagore stated in his poem, that the essence of the journey lies not at the shrine at the end of the road, but, at every corner of the road. Being able to go through, that will not only fill oneself with a sense of achievement but also will provide a taste of freedom. Rousse once said, Man is born free but everywhere else, he is in chains.

Anyone too busy to travel or afraid of taking a day of is merely a slave, no matter how big and shiny a car he rides or how many zeros he has in his bank balance. Cheryl Glavor the social media influencer was discussing about the importance of travel to his fellow new statesmen. Modern people are apparently so busy committing into meaningless stuffs and instead what they should do more is to travel. Travel cleanses out the stress and frustration of everyday life and prepares us for the long journey of life!

Travel then Vs travels now:

As society is wrapping itself into newer envelopes of technology, the modern men are getting more and more disconnected with their aesthetic side. People had time a few hundred years ago and so even if life had to offer less, our forefathers cherished every single bit of it! The modern day travel is mostly relied upon luxuries.

People spending their money on staying in 5 star hotels, spending thousands on food and wine and has no craving for the morning sun or for the road. While the old say is basically gone, a neo tendency of travelling is emerging. Cycling a continent or skiing through Atlanta may be a bit rare but prominent phenomenon in few and we can surely take a note of that! No matter what challenges might come across the path let the song of voyage echo high!

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