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So you are just done visiting Disneyland. Been a long day, yet you are still excited to explore more of the city. But you are worried about how the city will treat you post twilight hour, so you search for a women safety app on your phone and you download the UrSafe, a personal safety app. Simply register and add in your emergency contacts. Viola! You are all set and head out to see what the jungle has to offer.

Street lamps lit so is your excitement. Walking down the lane you check in yourself for an impromptu shopping trip for your little sister. Took you a long time shopping and you figured the jungle hour might have started. In the night it seemed beautiful to see the unknown land fall asleep. At the same time, you felt intimidated too because you felt somebody was following, so you scheduled yourself a fake call via the security app you installed earlier. This allowed you to excuse yourself into the crowd and there it is, no harm done. To calm yourself down you entered a gelato parlor and as the night passed you already became familiar with a tour group in the parlor. Safe and secured you felt as you and the group laughed and smiled on travel stories.

This was just a little help from the security app. There are more life-saving tools. Emergency SOS alerts voice-enabled emergency alerts, and also live audio and video streaming when you are in trouble. Other than travel, the UrSafe app aims to keep you safe in your day-to-day life routines. Uncertainty can’t be avoided at any time. A child heading back home sensed intimidating stares on his way or maybe the mother got followed from the grocery store.  Hence a family safety app comes in handy in any form of trouble. It helps you keep track of the live locations of your family members and helps you track them in need. Such apps as well aim to direct the person in difficulty to the nearest help destinations.

It’s a harsh truth that urban-based threats, even as small as uncomfortable eye contacts, are more threatening than getting bitten by a snake. To help keep you safe, technology is progressing in making efforts to aid safety at any time of the day or at any part of the world. It’s easy to get instant assistance with 3 press emergency calls, geo-located 911 emergency, and also speedy alerts to emergency contacts. To avoid panic SOS actions, UrSafe allows you to personal safewords that trigger the action for SOS.

Today a fake call saved you from what could have been a potential threat. So whenever you travel, have the emergency contacts updated in a personal safety app, set the GPS and now you go enjoy your gelato. Lastly, fear shouldn’t shadow the excitement you have for traveling and exploring.

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