Can I Now Travel To Europe With A Vaccination Card


Americans traveling to Europe often have heard horror stories about pickpockets or thieves stealing wallets and purses. So, many individuals fear becoming the next victim of purse snatching or theft. But there are some simple ways to reduce the risks of being a possible target. First, do not dress like a tourist.

Wearing a spandex outfit, tight jeans, flip-flops, or other clothing that references America is usually a good option. Also, tourists who are traveling in Europe should always carry at least some money in a form of traveler’s check with them. Some banks in Europe, such as in Switzerland, will give traveler’s checks with an exchange rate of one Euro to 1.35 Euros. This is the equivalent of about $75.

Another way to minimize risks when traveling in Europe is by keeping an eye on your belongings when you are in tourist areas. Pickpockets are especially lookout for tourists, because most tourists are on a budget and will tend to leave their valuables behind. A woman traveling alone should pay special attention to her purse or wallet. If it is visible, a thief may be able to spot her as a potential target and attempt to steal it.

If a woman is traveling in Europe and she wants to experience everything there is to see, she should consider traveling throughout western europe. Western Europe is filled with historical sights, magnificent castles, and amazing cities that are filled with tourists all day long. A woman could take a ferry across Europe to reach her desired destination. While on this journey, she can explore the beautiful towns along the way and take in the sights of the countryside.

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