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Are you seeking an escape from Hong Kong’s hectic streets and crowds? Look no further – Hong Kong offers numerous hidden gems from hiking through nature reserves to partying on pirate ships that offer unique opportunities for exploring its beauty. Check out some of these unique spots where you can lose yourself in its beauty! Use Cathay Pacific to go to Hong Kong in style and enjoy the following.

Hidden Gems

Tin Hau Temple

Hong Kong is famous for its iconic landmarks, but there are countless lesser-known spots worth visiting during your stay – like Tin Hau Temple dedicated to Chinese sea goddess of the same name.

Tin Hau is a goddess that can be found throughout China and Taiwan’s coastal regions, but she is especially revered in Hong Kong where she is celebrated with great reverence by over 100 temples in her name in this city alone.

There are various legends associated with the goddess, but one of the more prevalent involves her birth on an island off Fujian Province of China during Song Dynasty (960-1279A.C). According to legend, Lam was her fisherman father and she became highly intelligent as an individual as well as knowledgeable in astrology.

She was also renowned as a healer and saved numerous people during her lifetime. After her passing away, her legend spread throughout the region and beyond.

Tin Hau is now an integral part of Hong Kong culture. Each year she is honored in exciting parades featuring lion and dragon dances, marching bands and floats.

Yuen Long Town hosts an impressive annual festival, where drumbeats echo across the streets with each procession snakes its way through town to honor Tin Hau and raise funds for her cause. It is truly remarkable!

Peng Chau Tin Hau Festival, honoring Chinese sea goddess Tin Hau, takes place every 21st day of the seventh lunar month and offers island residents an opportunity to seek help in curing an epidemic that was spreading throughout their community.

Hong Kong boasts numerous temples and shrines dedicated to Tin Hau, but two stand out as particularly intriguing. One is in Lam Tsuen village – established over 700 years ago, featuring both a Tin Hau temple as well as two wishing trees dedicated to it – while the second can be found near an MTR station in Causeway Bay.

Cheung Shing Fans Factory

Hong Kong’s bustling, flashy neighbourhoods may attract those searching for an exciting dose of its lively culture, but there are also hidden gems that offer something new – with West Kowloon serving as an epicenter that blends history with avant-garde arts and artisanal craftwork.

Cheung Shing Fans Factory in Yau Ma Tei is one of the few remaining sandalwood fan makers still operating in Hong Kong, making intricate works of art that were once highly prized among Hong Kong’s wealthy but are increasingly rare due to mass production and increasing costs.

Lowell Lo, second-generation owner of Cheung Shing Fans Factory in Hong Kong and one of the last remaining guardians of Hong Kong’s sandalwood fan industry, learned his craft from his father who first started producing sandalwood fans here in 1958 from Guangdong Province.

As a youngster, Lo would spend his free time visiting his father’s business to observe master artisans create delicate works of art. After moving with his family to Hong Kong in 1988, he assisted with helping run it and began exporting incense sticks for western markets.

Incense has long been part of Chinese culture, offering soothing scents to relax the mind and alleviate feelings of anxiety or stress. Recently in Hong Kong it has become more common to use incense as an instrument for meditation or relaxation.

Cheung Shing Fans Factory creates a variety of incense products, including electrical incense burners, coil incense and powdered sandalwood for burners. By using natural materials without harsh perfumes, they produce incense that is enjoyed by all members of their family.

Liu Ma Kee Fermented Tofu Store has been an award-winning culinary gem for over a century, creating amazing soybean creations using a traditional stone mill and family recipes handed down from generation to generation. Be sure to try their garlic-flavoured fermented tofu paste – ideal for adding texture and savory goodness to fusion carbonara or any pasta dish needing something extra!

Tai O Fishing Village

For an escape from Hong Kong’s urban hubbub, Tai O Fishing Village – known for its “Venice of the East” vibe – makes an excellent day trip destination. Situated on Lantau Island and within reach by car from central Hong Kong, it makes an excellent day trip destination.

This tiny fishing village is stunningly picturesque, featuring traditional wooden stilt houses that jut out over the water and lush green mountains in all directions. What really sets this place apart from other Hong Kong attractions, however, is its history: one of few places in China still producing shrimp paste — giving visitors a fascinating peek into this rapidly-dwindling industry.

Tai O offers more than its breathtaking landscape; there is also an abundance of temples and old buildings for you to discover here. Yeung Hau Temple is among them, though there are others you could explore as well.

Tai O Village also hosts a museum dedicated to salt production history in Tai O, featuring lanterns, cookware, and traditional clothing as relics.

Take a 20-minute boat tour through Tai O to get a firsthand view of life in this historic fishing village – at an approximate cost of 30 Hong Kong dollars, this fun ride provides a unique perspective on this charming waterfront town.

Are you seeking an unforgettable experience? Stay at Tai O Heritage Hotel, converted from the former Tai O Marine Police Station. This nine-room boutique hotel provides an opportunity to engage with local culture while visiting this UNESCO World Heritage site.

Tai O is an invigorating tribute to humanity’s role as guests of nature, rather than its proud advocate. A tight-knit community that resists any attempts at modernization or exploitation while living their lives as best they can while taking pleasure from its beauty; an inspiring sight and something which should be celebrated rather than ignored.

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