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One of the things that have become mandatory all around the world is for people to have a covid test reports before they travel anywhere around the world. This has led many people to take various kinds of covid test like that of molecular test, Antigen test. One of the reasons why many people stick to the antigen test compared to that of the RT-PCR test is because the RT-PCR test is costly. Therefore, one of the most recently developed testing procedures that have been made mandatory even at the airports and stations is the rapid antigen test. Another reason why this test is so popular is that it gives out a quick result. Also, you will know about the test is that the test is cheap and simple. In addition, it can be performed easily.


In order to obtain the objectives of the testing strategies a Fit To Fly Covid Test has been implemented combining various technologies and it can be used in a complementary ways. Several methods are there that has been adopted to stop the pandemic and one of the best methods that some countries have adopted are that of testing, tracking, tracing and isolating, also known as TTTI. One such kind of test that is very common is the molecular test or the RT-PCR test. This molecular test has been proven to be a reliable one. Again, it has one kind of a drawback and that is that it is a very costly test, in some countries it may not be that costly, whereas in other countries it is very costly. So, due to this reason their use is limited on a massive scale.

Benefits of Antigen Test –

Another drawback, though not a drawback is that it takes long time to give out the results like a day or so. Therefore, while traveling somewhere, many people find it difficult to do this test. So, it is always better for a person to do the test before hand prior to traveling and get the reports for Antigen test for travel. There are also certain benefits of the rapid antigen test and one of the benefits is that it gives out a quick result. A simple test can be used anywhere including in the airports and stations. But a lot of hygiene needs to be maintained and it should be done under the guidance of medical staff or trained nurses. And, the anti-gen test is cheaper than the molecular test.

Benefits and Less Reliability –

One of the benefits of the Antigen test is that it is cheaper and apart from that, it allows their use in large scale. But again it is a bit of less reliable. Like sometimes, the reports can show negative, even when it is positive and vice-versa. Antigen test can be helpful in some ways in additional screening of the people when they are traveling or before their travel. Apart from that, another way in which it can be helpful is by reducing the quarantine norms when the passengers arrive at a new state or city.

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