Saudia Arabia holidays tips


With coastlines on 2 seas, Saudi Arabia boasts some of the world’s best scuba diving places. At the same time, it has visitor attractions of such cultural heft as Medina and Mecca, the most holy places for Muslim pilgrims and travelers. When it comes to recreation and relaxation, a Saudia Arabia holidays opens a world of possibilities for open-air adventures, which include mountain climbing, camel or horse, cycling, and camping under the starry sky with Saudia Arabia travel.

Here are some of the best things to do in riyadh:

Best time to visit

Winters in Saudi Arabia are pleasant and relax, with the highest temperature are not going beyond 30 C, and there is pretty rainfall as well. The temperature during winter continually goes below freezing point at night. During the winter months, the country gets much of its rainfall, and some southern part of the country even welcome occasional snowfall. Shockingly, during the months of May to September, Southern Saudi Arabia also gets big amount of rainfall.

In summer, scorching warm desert where temperature go as high as 50C and quite less rainfall, Saudi Arabia climate is one of the driest in the planet. Summers are extremely hot, with temperature generally crossing 40 C. during the warmest summer months of July and August, locals escape the city unbearable heat and go to the mountain cities (like Taif) which are relatively chill and have low temperatures.

What is the new tourist visa?

The Kingdom is issuing visitor’s visa from 26 September, 2019 – part of ambitious plan to tempt more than hundred million visitors there by 2030. Holidaymakers will be capable to explore the beaches of the Red Sea, the snow-covered mountains of Tabuk, and the remarkable archeological site at Mada in Saleh.

Until now, only Muslims on the yearly Hajj pilgrimage to Mecca were permitted into Saudi Arabia unless on business. But the new visa will permit any person to travel around a country shrouded in mystery for many Brits. The multi-year entry, year-long document will permit visitors to stay for up to ninety days. So book your flights to Saudia Arabia now.

What to wear

Female visitors are no longer needed to wear the body-covering abaya robe that has to be worn in public by Saudi ladies, but are still asked to dress properly. Women visitors were also allowed to travel alone. It is still illegal to use or buy alcohol, and bringing in drugs or alcohol is also illegal. Visitors should also be alert that public demonstrations are illegal in Saudi Arabia.


  • Dust storms and sandstorms can cause allergies and breathing issues. Talk your travel plans with a doctor if you have an existing situation.
  • Malaria, including chloroquine-resistant strains, is present in South-Western Saudi Arabia. Consider taking anti-malaria drugs.
  • Other insect-borne diseases contain leishmaniasis and dengue. Make sure your accommodation is insect-proof.
  • Waterborne, foodborne, and other infectious disease contain brucellosis, hepatitis, typhoid and rabies. Drink only bottled or boiled water.
  • Most medical facilities in big cities are of a high standard. Hospitals in little towns and little cities can only do routine procedures. If you are seriously wounded or ill, you may need medical help. Make sure your travel insurance covers this.
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