Some of the Best Hostels Available in Bangkok –


You will most likely pass through Bangkok on your travels throughout Southeast Asia—it is the hub of travel there. There are thousands of hostels and guesthouses in the city. When you look online, there are so many options that it can take hours to choose one. Fortunately, many people have visited Bangkok for a decade and stayed in countless locations. When choosing a hostel, there are a lot of things to think about. The main four while picking the best inn in Bangkok are: Location, Cost, Amenities and the Staff, of course. Bangkok is huge, so getting around can take some time. Choose a location close to the attractions and nightlife you want to see. All of the hostels on this list are in central areas. In Bangkok, you really get what you pay for, so if you go with a cheap hostel, you probably will get a small, cramped place with poor service.

About the Hostels and Staff –

While virtually all of the city’s hostels or the Best Hostels in Bangkok provide free breakfast, none of them offer free Wi-Fi. If you want more, do your homework to find the hostel that best suits your requirements! The staff at every hostel on this list is amazing! They are extremely knowledgeable and friendly. Even if you don’t book a room at one of the places listed below, you should read reviews to make sure the staff is friendly and helpful! A hostel can be made or broken by them! Best Lodging for Families: Best Party Hostel: Siamaze Hostel the Best Hostel for Digital Nomads is Mad Monkey Hostel: The Best Hostel Overall: @Hua Lamphong. Backpackers looking for a place to stay other than Khao San Road frequently visit Lub d Bangkok Siam.

Lub D Siam & Mad Monkey Hostels –

One of the Hostels in Bangkok i.e. Lub D Siam is well-maintained, the rooms are large and lock with electronic keys, the staff speaks fluent English, and there are many activities for groups. Instead of being a typical Asian guesthouse, it has more of a European feel to it. Next is the Mad Monkey Hostel, which is probably the best backpacker hostel in Bangkok if you want to party. It is located near Khao San Road. It has a restaurant, a pool, and a tour desk, and its prices are some of the lowest and most affordable in town. In addition, you will have your own outlets and lamps, a warm blanket, and comfortable beds! There is air conditioning in each room. Despite the fact that it’s somewhat more costly than different spots nearby, you’re compensating for it with perhaps of the best friendly scene! It’s simple to meet backpackers here if you want to!

Hua Lamphong & New Siam Guesthouse III Hostels –

This hostel has six mixed-gender dorm rooms with large lockers and private bathrooms. Although it costs a little more than other hotels in the area, the private rooms are of hotel quality. Because the train station in Bangkok is directly across the street, this is the best hostel for travellers taking the train. This hostel in the list of the best hostels is because some of its private rooms are some of the least expensive in the Khao San/Rambuttri region. The rooms include hot water, a desk, air conditioning, and water. The majority of rooms in the area with those features cost more than 1,000. You should stay here if you want to save money on a private room!

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