Spido – The Ultimate Boat Tour You Need In Rotterdam


Rotterdam is one of the best places to visit during the summertime since there are rivers and lakes. To be honest, there is no point in checking out the rivers and water bodies from the harbor, which is why we are talking about Spido, which is a tour boat available in Rotterdam, so you can enjoy the real essence of the city. So, let’s get into deeper details if you want to step on this boat!

The Brief

Spido is basically a boat tour, so you can enjoy the seas and legacy of the harbors while getting splashed by water. The boats are designed with all user-friendly amenities, which means you can enjoy the fascinating view of the Port of Rotterdam and Maas River – it surely promises a glimpse of the city’s water bodies and history. When you book the tour, you will get the perfect seats to enjoy the modern skyline of the city and top-notch architecture.

Spido Rotterdam can be opted for a tour, themed cruise, or a day trip, promising a great vacation experience. The best thing about these boats is that they are wheelchair-accessible, so you can sail through the biggest functioning port in Europe. The regular tours are 75-minute long, with which you can enjoy the stunning skyline in its full form.

There are toilets available for disabled people, and you can take your dogs on the 75-minute harbor tour, but it’s essential to keep them on the lead. If you are a group of more than 20 people, you will get group discounts. These boat tours promise the most amazing view of the docks and shipyards in addition to the buildings and rivers. As far as the tickets are concerned, you can purchase them online!

Meetings & Events

Have you ever thought about hosting an event or having a meeting on the water? Well, Spido can make your dreams come true. Spido has an advanced and modern fleet that’s suited to meet the needs of different groups. Ranging from culinary to entertainment choices, this boat promises a full-range experience. It has a luxurious vessel that’s perfect for hosting presentations, reception events, and company parties. In fact, if your office is around, Spido also offers guest pickup and drop-off.

Food Experience

When it comes down to the meetings and events, there is a special culinary section that’s set up by highly professional, qualified, and friendly staff. Spido has extensive catering available, and you can also request the in-depth composition of the catering to make sure there is something for every guest. In fact, there are diet meals and vegetarian meals available for your guests.

On the other hand, if you opt for the harbor tour, you can get cold drinks, hot beverages, sandwiches, chips, sweet and salty snacks, and apple pie. On top of everything, there is an ice cream cart, so you can enjoy luscious ice cream. The catering is available for group tours of 15 people or more. As far as the food payments are concerned, you can pay through the board pin (nope, you cannot pay cash).

When it comes down to the desserts, you can get a chocolate muffin, apple pie with whipped cream, donuts, and different types of chocolates. Even more, they serve the most delicious cheese rolls and sausage rolls.


If you have to reach the port by car and are worried about the parking, there is sufficient car parking available in the multi-story car park. The payment is on the spot for cars, but the buses get free parking if you park near the departure point.


Spido has a variety of tours available, and we have some information available about them, including;

  • Summer evening harbor tour – this tour will take you to the Eem harbor and Botlek area. In addition, you will pass by the Holland America Line, ss Rotterdam, and at the end, you can enjoy the amazing skyline while passing from under the Willems and Erasmus bridges
  • Extended harbor tour – this tour is for around 2.5 hours and promises the most amazing view of the international port

So, are you ready for a tour?

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