Three Ways To Make Family Time More Memorable


For so many, spending quality time with family is one of the most important things in life. Unfortunately, life itself can make experiencing these meaningful moments difficult to experience. Whether it’s the demands of a job, financial constraints or simply a lack of time many families find it tricky to make family time a regular part of their routine. However, with some extra effort and thoughtful planning, it can be possible to soak up the special times you and your family need and deserve. Read on for three ways to go about doing this.

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1. Plan a Special Trip

Taking a vacation is something that every family will benefit from. Having the chance to escape from the routines of everyday life encourages more personal connections without its distractions. It’s a chance to experience new and different things together or go back to basics by doing not much at all. Plus, the anticipation and excitement of an upcoming trip is all part of the bonding experience.

Some families might prefer a more relaxed approach, such as booking a North Carolina beach vacation. Others might prefer booking a trip where adventuring is the name of the game. Whatever the trip ends up being, the objective should be the same — spending quality time together, stepping back and making new memories.

2. Make It Part of Your Schedule

Almost everything can be added to a schedule to ensure it gets done. Why not add family time in as well?

This could look like Make-Your-Own-Pizza Fridays or that Wednesday nights are reserved for board games. It might feel strange at first to schedule things that seem so simple, but doing so will provide a different type of structure for your family and set a solid foundation for children as well.

This is also a wonderful way to connect and communicate throughout an otherwise busy week of work, school and everything in between.

3. Get Outside and Create

Have you ever noticed how time spent outdoors is good for everyone? What if you were to combine this time outdoors with a project that the whole family could work on together?

Starting a garden is a perfect way to work together over a period of time, eventually reaping the benefits of your hard work. Giving everyone a specific job will instill ownership and responsibility and holding each other accountable is a great way to teach the importance of teamwork.

Try making this a tradition for your family each spring. The planning phase and eventually getting outside after a long winter will give everyone something special to look forward to.

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