Japan’s must-see destinations


Japan is a popular destination for individuals interested in learning about a culture that is considerably different from that of the West. The gastronomy, the coexisting religions, the temples, the balance between modernity and tradition, the Japanese people, and the magnificent sites that you must visit in Japan are more than enough reasons to visit this nation at least once in your life.

Things to do in Japan that you should not miss

Tokyo’s Shibuya Crossing

Visiting the Shibuya crossing, where over 2 million people pass through each day, is an unforgettable experience. It is located immediately outside Shibuya station, which also has a statue of the renowned dog Hachiko. It’s astonishing to observe hundreds of Japanese people cross the zebra crossing at the same time without colliding.

Visit Mount Fuji, the country’s symbol.

Mount Fuji, the focal point of all travel guides and postcards to visit japan, is one of the defining Japanese images and, without a question, one of the great tourist sites that must be viewed in Japan.

It is a volcano revered by the people that, despite being deemed active at the time, can be visited because there have been no eruptions for millennia.

Fushimi Inari-1000 Taisha’s toris

The Fushimi Inari-Taisha Temple in Kyoto is well worth a visit. With almost 1000 crimson toris lined up, this Shinto temple stands out from the rest on its route. You’ve probably seen this stamp in a photograph. It is one of the places to see in Japan.

Dress up like a samurai or a geisha.

Samurai and geisha are undoubtedly among the first images that spring to mind when one thinks about Japan. Many visitors to Japan come with the goal of photographing one of the geishas or maikos who roam the streets of Kyoto.

Island of Miyajima

As an archipelago, Japan is made up of many islands. The island of Miyajima, near Hiroshima, is designated as a World Heritage Site in its entirety, and with good reason: it is home to the Itsukushima Shrine.

Akihabara’s Maid Café

In these cafes, the females will treat you like a king, and you can sample a meal or sweet shaped like an animal with stunning embellishments. The famous coffees with the faces of comic characters drawn on the foam are served here.

At night, the Sannenzaka neighbourhood

The cobblestone streets are illuminated by lanterns, which provide a wonderful play of light and shadow on the area’s historic wooden structures. Especially during the month of March, when there is a local celebration. Nothing to do with the rush and bustle of the day’s activities or the open stores.

The huge buddha and Kamakura

Kamakura is home to the Kotokuin Temple, one of Japan’s most prominent Buddhist temples. The large bronze statue of the great Kamakura Buddha, which appears on many postcards, may be found here.

Unwind in a Hakone onsen.

Hakone may be reached by train from a number of Japanese cities, including Kyoto, Osaka, and Kyoto. It is a place known for its onsen, or Japanese hot springs, thus most foreign tourists and local tourists come here to stay in a Japanese ryokan or tavern for a couple of nights.

The country of the rising sun is a location that will never cease to amaze you and that you will never weary of seeing. Living the true Japanese culture firsthand is one of the best decisions you can make, and with this list of locations to visit, you can be guaranteed of a fantastic time.

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