Using These Airline Packing Hints, You’ll Be Able to Fly in Style


There is no such thing as over-preparation when it comes to a plane holiday. As it turns out, the TSA has a list of forbidden items that includes everyday household things like aerosols that you wouldn’t normally give a second thought to. As a result, it’s a good idea to familiarise yourself with the laws prior to your trip, whether you’re planning to carry your favourite hair spray or a can of whipped cream.

Aerosol Toiletry Use Regulations

All aerosol cans aren’t treated the same by the Transportation Security Administration (TSA). Depending on the situation, some products are prohibited while others are tolerated in limited quantities. Aerosols that are classified as toiletries under the 3-1-1 rule can be brought in your carry-on bag without restriction because of the rule. An example of this is the use of aerosols in the following forms:

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  • Deodorant
  • Antiperspirant
  • To style one’s hair, one uses hairspray.
  • Using shaving cream is an essential part of the process of shaving.
  • Perfume
  • Sunscreen

The TSA prohibits some items

The Transportation Security Administration forbids the use of any flammable or hazardous aerosols. Spray paint, cooking spray, WD-40, aerosol cleaning products, and all insecticides save for those applied directly to the skin fall into this group of aerosol items. Any of these items cannot be transported in a person’s carry-on or checked luggage. It’s possible that you’ll be fined or perhaps go to jail if you don’t obey this rule. Always leave things at home if you’re not certain about them.

As a result of the dangers posed by aerosols

Many factors contribute to the belief that aerosol cans pose a danger. Everything that can catch fire is subject to regulation, and aerosols are no exception. Even the propellant gases used in the cans to propel the aerosol are combustible. In rare cases, pressure and temperature changes on an aeroplane can cause aerosols to leak, burn, or even explode.

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Make sure your items are safe and secure when you’re putting them away

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) gives a few recommendations for packing aerosols on plane in your checked luggage in addition to the TSA standards. You are only allowed to bring 70 ounces of aerosols (including toiletries) in your checked luggage, and they must be packed in containers no larger than 18 ounces.

Each traveller is only allowed to bring one bag on their journey with him or her. People under their care, such as children, may require caregivers to carry a bag, and caregivers may be obliged to carry more than one bag.

Containers greater than 100 millilitres or 100 grammes, even if they are partially filled with liquid, are not allowed on board. Even a half-empty 200-gram tube of toothpaste won’t be accepted at the airport.

In order to be screened at the screening point, all liquids, aerosols, and gels must be in their original containers.

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