Stretching from the dry and warm deserts to the breathtaking glaciers, Chile is a country that features unlimited beautiful attractions. This narrow and long country has been attracting the tourists for all the right reasons. From the ski trails in Chillan, over the wild rivers to mountain peaks in Coyhaique, to the ancient wooden churches, Chile has a lot to offer to visitors of all ages. When you are in this country, you are going to find something in every corner, which is going to amaze you for sure.

Chile is also blessed with lush forests and national parks, which offer hiking and trekking opportunities to the visitors along with many other activities such as river rafting, climbing, mountain biking, horse riding and much more. In short, Chile has abundance of beauty which no traveler would want to miss.


Like other countries in Central America, Chile’s weather also varies from region to region. And there is specific time to enjoy an activity. Let’s say, for festivals, best time to visit Chile is January or February. If you want to visit Easter Island, you can best enjoy it during the months of December to March. However, The Atacama Desert is one destination that can be visited any time of the year.

To help you with your trip and decide the best time to visit Chile, we are going to explain the climate in each month throughout the year!


January is when most people from around the world decide to head over to Chile, making this month one of the busiest ones in the year, with prices soaring high and finding a hotel becoming difficult. Since it is mid-summer, you can enjoy the outdoors, sipping on a nice refreshing drink, or going to one of the many different sight seeing spots around the country. A reason for the large number of crowds is all the festivals and cultural events happening all over the country, with good food, music and displays of tradition. The average temperature of Chile in January is 21 C.


This is the last month of summer with some of the festivities getting carried on to this month as well. It is also the best time to enjoy the coast, with Valparaiso and the Beaches swarmed with tourists, soaking in the last bits of the summer sunlight. Many of the attraction sites are easily accessible and with the Easter Island hosting its Tapati Rapa Nui indigenous cultural festival, it becomes an even better time to visit. February’s temperature is pretty much same as of January in Chile.



March is when Autumn begins and the foliage starts to change color, immersing the entire landscape into brilliant hues of red. If you’re interested in wine festivals, then definitely try going in March, as this is when Grape Harvest and most of these festivals take place. Visiting Patagonia is also encouraged in this month because the wind is much tamer. Temperature in famous tourist attractions such as March is 16 C on average. However, afternoons can get really hot with temperature rising up to 27 C.


There are places in the north such as Altiplano where you can expect short bursts of afternoon showers, but they are not too bad to cause any inconvenience on your trip. If you’re a thrill seeker and/or love the outdoors, then April is the best time to go hiking in the central regions. It is also an ideal time to visit Torres del Paine and The Lake District because the daylight lasts up to around 16 hours there. Average weather in Chile during April remains somewhere between 15 C and 23 C degrees.



Many parts of Chile, specially in the central regions can become very cold during May with night temperature reaching down to as low as 5 C. However, the southern regions of Patagonia offer a wonderful retreat. Since the month falls out of the high tourists season, many attractions and cabins close off and so do the roads. But if you are not planning on going to the more popular attractions, are content with just enjoying the natural beauty of the outdoors, then you should be just fine.


Traveling to Patagonia in June should be best avoided because this is when the winters in Chile begin, and temperatures plummet to as low as – 15 degrees Celsius and many places experience snowfall. But it is not all bad and gloomy in this winter month. Because this provides the best opportunity for big cat spotting, which includes the rarely-seen puma.



July is a month of cold temperatures in most part of the country. This month too brings with it its own set of bummers, such as many tourist attractions shutting down and roads becoming inaccessible. However, the month can still be enjoyed in many ways. This is the best time to go skiing in Central Chile and the Lake District. Willywaw, which is the nickname for the fierce winds can spring up very quickly in southern parts of Patagonia at any time. Average temperature during this month remains 18 C which can further drop down depending on the region you are in.


Winters are almost coming to an and in August, with some places starting to experience the pleasant weather of the upcoming spring already, while most places are still in the clutches of the cold, snowy season. Skiing can still be enjoyed in many places and the attractions start reopening, albeit slowly. Places such as Santiago can still get cold at night with an average temperature of 10 C. Daytime temperature stays around 15 C throughout the country. Whereas, in high peak areas, it’s still cold. So, it is recommended to take your warm clothes if you are planning to go up to the mountains.



September welcomes Spring with full force, with the temperatures becoming mild and comfortable, outdoor activities becoming even more frequent and pleasant and the central region and the forested Lake District looking even more beautiful and picturesque after being carpeted by a layer of wildflowers. Temperatures stay between a pleasant 12 C and 21 C degrees. September is also a great time to visit as the crowds are small and the weather very mild. 18th September is also the Independence Day of Chile, so you are sure to see the entire country bathed in colors of patriotism and celebrating for an entire week with lots of incredible food, dances and drinks.


If you are eager to go see the beautiful Patagonia, then October is as good a time as ever. There is very less tourist traffic and the weather is very accommodating as well which makes accessibility not an issue. Central region sees clear blue skies almost the entire month and outdoor activities like hiking, trekking and cycling around the gorgeous countryside is truly an exquisite experience. Average temperature in most of the regions remain around 20 C in the day time. However, night time temperatures can drop down to as low as 3 C degrees.


November is almost your last chance to enjoy this beautiful country, that has a lot to offer in terms of natural beauty and tradition, in a very pleasant weather and with very few tourists around and also at a very reasonable rate. Because after that, the summer months begin, and the influx of tourists increases enormously. Temperature is 25 C degrees in almost all parts of the country. Warm and pleasant weather attract a large number of tourists from all over the world.



The first of the summer months, also known as the most popular and crowded months, December has a lot to offer, from scenic mountains and valleys to a plethora of festivals showcasing the rich tradition of Chile, from the nice warm beaches, to the accessibility of many world-famous attractions. With so much to offer, it becomes difficult to find hotels because of the number of people wo decide to visit during this month.


Recommending the best time to visit Chile is surely a tough decision as each region offers different temperatures. It entirely depends on what you want to do in the country. Famous attractions such as Central Valleys and Atacama Desert can be visited all year round. However, those who want to visit Patagonia, October to March is the ideal time as these months are warm and almost all the destinations are easily accessible. If you want to go for skiing, you may travel between the months of June to August as these are the best times to go up the mountains of Santiago.

In conclusion, there is no specific month in which you can enjoy almost all the activities that this country has to offer. So, go through the guide, make a list of places you want to see and plan your trip accordingly.

If you are keen to travel to Chile now, make sure to visit the German website from Backpackertrail before you start your trip. There you can find more detailed information about the weather year around in Chile, and you can also find more information on what to expect in general, when taking this adventure.

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